Term Contracts

Term contracts represent
a strategic source of business intelligence.

Term contracts are issued for one or multi-year contracts for products or services by federal, state and local government agencies. Typically term contracts benefit multiple agencies. For example, state term contracts are usually extended to all local governments within the state and represent significant dollar value.

Prime Vendor has been collecting
term contract information for over 16 years.

Term contracts help you build a sales pipeline. The Prime Vendor program provides strategic information in two convenient formats.

We provide an automatic notice
within your client ePortal

regarding any term contract that is scheduled to expire within the next 90 days. This convenient “Heads Up” program allows you to quickly access and view term contracts that match your commodity or service profiles.

We provide
federal and state

term contracts search capabilities utilizing selected parameters.

Utilizing vendor searches
lets you know who currently

holds the contract and the award prices, allowing you to track the competition. Market insight allows you to maximize your profits and increases your sale close ratio.

Prime Vendor offers
client services staff

to assist you in your market and award analysis.